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Supreme Election Board The Supreme Election Board is established as the final decision-making authority with regard to the issues on elections. However, it is not regarded among the supreme courts in the Constitution.

It is the decision-making body in the SEB.

The Board consists of 7 regular piattaforme trading opzioni binarie demo 4 substitute members together with the President and the Deputy President. It decides on cases with regard the issues on elections. There is no contention of unconstitutionality or appeal against its decisions. Therefore, it serves as a supreme authority on the issues of elections.

The President and the Deputy President are elected by the regular and substitute members from among themselves. This department was established to carry out the secretarial tasks, administrative opzoni financial management of the SEB.

The primary duties include tasks and operations related to the elections of the President of the Republic, members of the GNAT and local governments.

Its duties are as follows; — The SEB serves as the final decision-making authority in terms of the objections against the decisions of the provincial and district election boards; decisions su quali azioni investire oggi the admissibility of a candidate and validity of an election are examples of decisions rendered within this scope.

Officials Members and administrative personnel serve under the SEB: Elected members are settled piattaforme trading opzioni binarie demo regular and substitute members by lot.

Substitute members participate in the meetings to achieve the quorum only in the absence of the regular members. Their duties include ensuring the coordination of the election works across the country in line with the decisions of the SEB.

Among them, senior tradint are appointed with the decision of the SEB and the rest by the President. Provincial Election Boards Provincial election boards are electoral institutions established in provinces to make decisions on elections.

Structure These boards consist of a president, two members and two substitute members appointed from among the judges. They serve for two years after their appointment.

Election process in Turkeys Rerun

The offices for provincial electoral registers are established to carry out the administrative works with regard to the elections. Tradong offices, in which auxiliary personnel serve, act in accordance with the decisions of the provincial election boards.

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Duties Provincial election boards are established to carry out the electoral works at provincial level. These boards are the decision-making authorities on the electoral issues in provinces in line with the principles training sistema binario and the decisions taken by the SEB.

They are also responsible to review the appeals filed against the decisions of city election boards. Turkish Judicial System — Bodies, Duties and Officials Offices for provincial electoral registers carry out the office services and other administrative tasks related with elections in their provinces.

Officials Judges serve in the provincial election boards. The most senior judge serving in the province becomes the president of the board and the following two senior judges are the members of the board.

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